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Pizza Restaurants

  • A pizzeria’s daily mission: to transport your pizza safely and without cooling, but also without it sweating. Whether it’s pizza or other products which may be on your menu (such as salads or appetizers), PGS Packaging Services will provide packages beyond their practical value, and will constitute an advertising vehicle transferring your marketing message to your customers.

    Now the pizza box is used worldwide by companies for all sorts of activities but especially to transfer their advertising messages in the home, office or business, shops and even student dormitories. Make the most of the advertising space on the package and the power of this new marketing medium to allow your imagination to create.

    Did you know? The first pizza packaging was created probably in the ’40s in America after the Second World War. Actually It started as a package that included a paper bag and a square base of cardboard placed at the bottom of the bag and there the pizza supported. It was then replaced by a round cardboard. But the road was still long for the perfect package. The packaging was not tough enough, it did not retain the temperature did not protect the product – three prerequisites for a good pizza package.

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