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Confectionery Stores

  • The team here at PGS Packaging Services is the ideal partner (your one-stop-shop) to provide you with everything for your confectionery store’s packaging requirements.

    Due to the extensive variety of different products available and the need for at times specialised packaging and the customised appearance there of, you will also need packaging which corresponds with your wide variety of packaging needs. Packaging such as carton boxes specially constructed with windows in the packaging so as to allow the consumer to view your product up to and including paper bags with windows, plastic bags, paper bags, and even luxury containers with mirrored food safe interior coatings etc.

    We also cater for other packaging needs consisting of plastisised films and paper formica, even ribbons branded with your logo, stickers and or paper sweet wrappers and specialty molds for sweets or chocolates etc). In all these types of packaging you can print, emboss or even stamp your brand on them and you can there by increase your brand’s image and your businesses identity and gives you the extra prestige your business and product deserve.

    Contact us today to discuss the specific needs of your business.

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