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Clothing Stores

  • Packaging also adds value to your merchandise when it is offered in high-quality packaging. Whether in paper bags or plastic bags, the packaging is an integral part of your brand and the best mobile advertising.

    Abroad and most recently in Greece businesses, from largest through to the smallest shops and small chains, launched a competition for the most durable bag investing money both in the material of the bag and the handle. The ultimate goal is the reuseage of the bag again and again for weeks if not months, to carry books to the beach, eating at work, clothes to the laundry etc. But only the very good bags can survive the “daily use” . Over the years companies have realised this incredible opportunity for marketing and use bags made from very good materials that will withstand time and enhancing their brand as they circulated around the city on a daily basis.

    The team at PGS Packaging Services can find a wide variety of bags, designs, materials and a combination of materials, as well as create you your own unique bag.

    Contact us today to discuss the specific needs of your business.

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