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Eco friendly packaging (kraft)

  • sweet spoon

    Many years our company PGS packaging , services the needs of its customers, with the best way.
    That’s why, create a new group of products no-name. Ecological products-boxies for bakeries, pastries and coffee shops.
    These products are manufactured from kraft cardboard and are laminated inside with plastic.
    The series purpose is to become suitable about foods and at the same time to be presentable.
    In this group you have the opportunity to print your logo , in a few kilos. ( 30 kila per size). Delivery time – five days


    2 10*13*7 10 kilos 24 pcs*
    4 16,5*13,5*8 10 kilos 16 pcs*
    6 19*16*8 10 kilos 14 pcs*
    8 20*19*7,5 10 kilos 12 pcs*
    10 22*22*8 10 kilos 10 pcs*
    15 25*25*8 10 kilos 7 pcs*


    Finally there are and othes packagings quality  – kraft, for example paper coffee cups, pastry bags , paper bags e.t.c.  , which you can combine.

    The products are produced in Greece, strengthening the Greek economy

    ecofriendly recycle

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