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Carton Packaging

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  • In this section you will find samples of all our creations. Our cartons PGS Packaging ensure reliability and functionality.

    Whether you are looking for confectionary, baking or pastry boxes, our custom constructions, place our cartons beyond practicality and are distinguished for their imagination and elegance, as well as for their exceptional design. more

Paper Bags

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  • Paper bags have become a popular option in recent years. The technology used to produce them has evolved significantly both in the manufacturing techniques used as in the variety of features and finishes available with the only limitation being our imagination.

    At PGS Packaging Services you will find environmentally friendly, glossy or matt coated evn with UV printing finishes, with all kinds of handles: string if it is luxury packaging, handle or even spunbonded plywood etc. more

Plastic Utensils for Confectioners

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  • A new generation of certified plastics is added to the packaging products offered by PGS Packaging Services to its customers.

    A wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes is a characteristic our new collection of plastic utensils (for personal or family use), plastic spoons, bowls, plastic glasses, plastic cups for parties and high-quality plastic trays suitable for presentation packaging or in the serving of food. Our goal is to provide holistic solutions and a modern aesthetic standard from bakers all the way through to catering services. With respect to your need for high quality presentation and service, we are proud to present you with our latest range of plastic utensils. more

Plastic Bags

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  • Our plastic bags are distinguished for their excellent quality, durability and appearance. This is a solution that combines low cost and durability. Ideal for bakeries, supermarkets, patiseries and fast food stores, plastic handbags come in whatever format you want: vest bag, bag with a loop handle or with plastic or handful handle whether it be simple or reinforced.

    In conjunction with your printed message or design, our plastic handbags could become an ideal solution that will cover practical solutions and serve in advertising your business in the most economical way. more

Consumable Goods for Mass Dining

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  • PGS Packaging Services in order to accomodate today’s lifestyle consumer, has enriched their product range, in order to cover the needs of stores like Fast Food, Café's and Catering Services. We have added a wide variety of paper and plastic cups, trays for the transportation of coffee with two or four cup holders, hot/cold liquid stirrers, straws, microwave safe utensils in various shapes with corresponding lid and crystal packing boxes and in a wide variety of shapes and capacity with separate or integrated lid.

    All the above have the added benifit in that we can print your company's logo directly onto the item, which is a direct and effective way of advertising of your store. more

Ice Cream Cups etc.

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  • We here at PGS Packaging Services go beyond the main packaging product range with which we have to equip businesses (such as boxes and bags), we also provide our clients with a wide variety of materials and products, such as sweet wrappers , containers for sweets or chocolates, ice cream cups, or muffin holders to use for your tarts, paper trays for use with cakes and desserts, plastic films for cakes and pastries, as well as a variety of ribbons and tapes.

    These complementary materials and packaging materials especially when enhanced with your logo printed on them perfectly complement your corporate image and lend a special status and value to your product range. more

Other types of packaging

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  • The team here at PGS Packaging Services can provide your business paper bags for all possible uses: bakeries, patisseries, confectionaries, coffee shops, liquor stores, bars, snackbars, grill houses, pizza restaurants, pharmacies, etc.

    Also we can provide you with generic wrapping paper or with your brand's identity or logo printed on them. This applies to both bags and greaseproof paper all with your personal identity , you can choose from a variety of paper types (touch - cellulose paper, opaline, vezetal, kraft paper, laminated paper, non-stick silicone (grease proof paper) and many others. more