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Ecofestival 2011

  • Eco Fesitival 2011 LogoOur visit proved to be particularly interesting last weekend at the ECOFESTIVAL 2011 held in MEK Painas.

    The entire PGS Packaging’s services team accepted the invitation of the producers of agricultural eco-products and went to see up close the exhibits and hear their views of the producers.In a very difficult economic period we are trying to trade our products and come closer to the Greek entrepreneurs in order to constantly improve our services and our products, while always exceeding the actual needs of the market. Considering that the real challenge of the times, and all of our direct adjustments to the new and challenging operating environment, whilst maintaining our criteria of providing value for money to our clients, there by staying ahead of our competitors and all the time maintaining our customer perception of us, always with a view to establishing and retaining our image as that of pioneer in field of packaging.

    Having confidence in the quality of natural Greek products and with our recognition of their superior quality as well as our belief in the need to encourage agricultural producers to better market their products, we here at PGS Packaging’s Services will always be available to help provide solutions on matters regarding their packaging such as carton containers suitable for contact with foodstuffs, labels for the identification and marking of plastic bags, glass bottles and paper bags which are all durable for safe transport and plastic containers for storing their foodstuff’s in and our commitment to new creative and original suggestions for the correct projection of the brands in Greece and abroad!

    Finally we want to thank EcoFestival especially for our invitation and affirm that we left the conference with the best impressions for the future!

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