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Image of the Sotris Center in Perisos Athens

PGS Packaging Services new offices in the SOTRIS Center

PGS Packaging Services offers comprehensive solutions to companies operating in the area of food packaging (bakeries, confectionaries, grill houses, fast-food, pizza), as well as in clothing and gifts. The aim of PGS Packaging Services is to provide integrated services and solutions to any modern business that invests in the marketing of their brand through the packaging chosen for its products.

The company was founded in February 2008 by Konstantinos Papachristopoulou, who after 13 years of experience in packaging and partnering with leading companies in the packaging field, attempted his own leap in the market of food packaging, clothing and gifts by establishing his own company, but also by representing a large container production company in the Peloponnese and Attica areas of Greece.

PGS Packaging Services communicates with the business sector through exhibitions, events, and via electronic communications such as RSS, electronic newsletters, social media (LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook) and email.

Press release

PGS Packaging Services new offices and the renewal of our brand identity. NOTE: As the article was printed in a greek magazine it is in Greek.    Download the PDF here »

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