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Confectionery Stores

  • The team here at PGS Packaging Services is the ideal partner (your one-stop-shop) to provide you with everything for your confectionery store’s packaging requirements.

    Due to the extensive variety of different products available and the need for at times specialised packaging and the customised appearance there of, you will also need packaging which corresponds with your wide variety of packaging needs. Packaging such as carton boxes specially constructed with windows in the packaging so as to allow the consumer to view your product up to and including paper bags with windows, plastic bags, paper bags, and even luxury containers with mirrored food safe interior coatings etc. more


  • From greaseproof paper to plastisised paper bags, all can be found at PGS Packaging Services for your bakeries needs.

    All your bakeries needs and requirements for the packaging and transport of your products may be found under one roof with us and we are in a position to supply you with paper boxes, carton boxes, paper bags and greaseproof paper or plastisised paper bags, and even carton cups or sweet wrappers, stickers and whatever else you might need for your bakery. more

Grill Houses – Fast Food

  • These food packaging materials come in direct contact with food and of course are directly related to the health and safety of those who consume them. So when you use the highest quality packing materials it means that you have a great respect for your consumer. From a marketing point of view, it stands to reason that one such professional is sure to also use the best and freshest ingredients for the making food for their consumers. more

Pizza Restaurants

  • A pizzeria’s daily mission: to transport your pizza safely and without cooling, but also without it sweating. Whether it’s pizza or other products which may be on your menu (such as salads or appetizers), PGS Packaging Services will provide packages beyond their practical value, and will constitute an advertising vehicle transferring your marketing message to your customers. more

Clothing Stores

  • Packaging also adds value to your merchandise when it is offered in high-quality packaging. Whether in paper bags or plastic bags, the packaging is an integral part of your brand and the best mobile advertising.

    Abroad and most recently in Greece businesses, from largest through to the smallest shops and small chains, launched a competition for the most durable bag investing money both in the material of the bag and the handle. The ultimate goal is the reuseage of the bag again and again for weeks if not months, to carry books to the beach, eating at work, clothes to the laundry etc. But only the very good bags can survive the “daily use” . Over the years companies have realised this incredible opportunity for marketing and use bags made from very good materials that will withstand time and enhancing their brand as they circulated around the city on a daily basis. more

Gift Stores

  • If you have a gift shop, then we are in a position to offer you a specialised selection of packaging which will resolve the greatest challenge of catering for the varied needs of gift wrapping or packaging.

    Gifts excite the imagination of those who accept and then open them to discover their contents. Almost always a gift is a surprise for the person who receives it, and that means fourfold satisfaction: for the one who makes the gift as they enjoy the satisfaction they see and the result of the surprise and the joy the gift brings. The second is for he who accepts the gift, welcomes the gift received. The third is for you as you deliver the gift in an attractive and appropriate package which only heightens the suspense and the excitement until the gift is opened. Just as your satisfaction will be double because you will see the last two at some time occurring whilst the customer is still in your store. more

Industrial Packaging

  • Apart from packaging for food or clothing, accessories for businesses and retailers, PGS Packaging Services provides solutions for the food industry, clothing industry, and many others.

    The materials used are always of the highest quality offering high durability to ensure the safe transportation of your goods from the factory or warehouse to it’s final destination on store shelves and ultimately in the consumers home or place of work. more