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Vacuum sealed cardboard box with window

  • Carton box for chocolates or macarons, requires internal vacuum for the proper placement, transportation and preservation of the products it contains more

Pastry through to Bakery Packaging

  • Notable companies in the area of Baking – trust the experts at PGS Packaging Services for the packaging solutions more

Your favorite chocolate cake Lacta now in packaging from PGS Packaging Services

Lacta Chocolate Cake container for Papagalino Confectionery by PGS Packaging
  • PGS Packaging Services is pleased to present you a new chocolate cake container created for the confectionery chain of stores Papagallino, in order to house the powerful Brand in the chocolate industry Lacta.


Packaging of the “Tulip Bakery”

  • The packaging used by bakeries today are very considered, customised and as such have demanding aesthetics , the professionals who see things differently also end up with the marketing advantage over their competitors more

Divani Collection

  • A custom strengthened container specifically designed for the transport and packaging of food (affectionately nicknamed the “lunch Box”) with handle. more