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Pastry Packaging “Pavlou Confectioneries”

  • The branding and therefore the packaging of “Pavlou Confectioneries” changed, in the effort of the team at Pavlou Confectioneries to create something fine and noble succeeded, the resulting container speaks for itself more

Kaggelis Confectioners

  • Pastry box with two colours and a UV varnish and internal plastic lamination. All materials are off-course recyclable and food safe more

Master Confectioner’s Papagallino

  • The chain of master confectioneries Papagallino working with the team here at PGS Packaging Services come up with exceptional designs, with many more to come in the near future more

Carissimo Carton

  • This paper box (carton) was designed especially for Carissimo Confectioners.

    This is a classic and safe solution that offers easy portability and watertight, as the box’s interior is lined with a special plastic material, which as you would expect is food safe. We also created a triangular version of this paper box which is featured in the photo gallery below more