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Alter Shops Plastic Bag Loop

  • This was a difficult example of a plastic bag created for the Alter Shops chain as they requested a matt black colour and it was important that the colour did not transfer onto their clients clothing or anything else the bag came in contact with or rubbed on whilst transporting their products to their customers premises. A second part of the challenge was for us in that the black, where it met the white had to have a crisp transition with no bleeding from the ink into the white. more

Kalogirou Plastic Bag

  • A plastic bag creation which is readily on offer from PGS Packaging Services but here available with a twist. We successfully retained the original design given to us by the client, across all of this clients products purchased from us regardless of the material we achieved a 100% consistent design, look and feel and off-course boiling down to a consistent marketing message across the Kalogirou product range. more