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Your favorite chocolate cake Lacta now in packaging from PGS Packaging Services

  • Lacta Chocolate Cake container for Papagalino Confectionery by PGS Packaging

    PGS Packaging Services is pleased to present you a new chocolate cake container created for the confectionery chain of stores Papagallino, in order to house the powerful Brand in the chocolate industry Lacta.

    As part of the partnership with the well-known chain of confectioneries Papagallino in carton packaging, with PGS Packaging guaranteeing the high quality design, construction and exceptional aesthetics that distinguishes our products, we created the new carton packaging to house the delicious chocolate cake from Papagallino and Lacta!

    With the creation of this packaging PGS Packaging manages to match perfectly the two quality and stable value of product – the marriage of Papagallino and Lacta , while giving special status and value to the product in the store.

    The objective was reached and the ultimate Papagallino and Lacta milk chocolate cake is now dressed in the form that it truly deserves – elegant and minimal – by PGS Packaging Services, now a much larger and sweeter part of your life is offered to you with pleasure from the Papagallino stores country wide!

    Below you can enjoy the brand new advertising campaign from Papagallino featuring the new Lacta chocolate cake and off-course our carton container.

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    food and drink saferecycleThis particular box as well as all our boxes of this type can easily transport all kinds of cakes.

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