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The carton for Handmade CSS Design is definitely an original application

  • Objective

    Handmade CSS Design decided that after the completion of a website for a specific type of client, and to meet legal requirements for a select group of clients, to create a container to house the code of the website printed out in a physical form. This is a practical solution for “government grant website’s” were should they be inspected by the relevant government agencies the client would have the code in one place to show to the inspector.

    The aspiration of Handmade CSS Design is to find the box’s position in the library of the customer’s office. This achieves a continuous visual contact between the Handmade CSS Design brand and that of the client and with those present in the space.

    Apart from the above solution, an empty box can be used for promotional purposes purely, as they may be distributed (along with promotional material or not) in reports or in other circumstances. Furthermore, the box can acquire a utilitarian value, if used by someone to store documents in the library.

    The Solution

    After having calculated the dimensions and volume of various shapes and the number of CD-ROM’s to be stored in the box, it was decided that a box made from recycled cardboard and white with the dimensions 307mm x 220mm. The material the box is covered by a matt laminate process for strength and provides a sleek look and durability. Inside there is also a base of white cardboard that will allow for the housing of the CD-ROM and business cards from Handmade CSS Design.

    The art of the box given to us by the Handmade CSS Design team and they decided to use the logo Handmade in a large size, in order to cover the four sides of the box. The background colour orange which is one of the 5 primary colors used by Handmade to communicate their various activities. Orange symbolizes among other things happiness, prosperity, energy, balance, and enthusiasm. The box will be used in two ways: (a) to contain the code produced and Handmade will deliver the container onsite and (b) will be distributed at fairs and elsewhere with promotional material.

    In conclusion

    This carton for Handmade CSS Design is definitely an original application. Apart from the box which provides a practical solution for the end customer and the physical product. The box also assists in the visual communication and the marketing message that is being “sent” regarding the quality that originally convinced the customer to build their website with Handmade, but also in establishing the Handmade CSS Design brand which aspires to be a long term partner and adviser to the client as regards their corporate web presentation.


    Handmade CSS Design

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